Sunday, August 26, 2012

BAD Tour Wembley DVD - Review from a fan

"The BAD snippet that aired a few months ago has nothing to do with the final renderding, believe me."

"I saw 3 songs off the DVD and it sure looks far better than the 30 sec clip from BAD that aired in Daybreak some time ago." 


"from what I saw the directing that was actually shown on the giant screen in the stadium shows MJ in action first. you can hear the audience but it is way different from bucarest that is (maybe) over edited.

the bad snippet shown in mpay/june was not good when it came to yellows and oranges and details. the three songs I saw have great close ups of MJ. "

"what I saw is 4/3 and shoud be watched 4/3 as it was filmed back in the day (I hate those screens who spread the image for 16/9 sake)."


"The Yokohama DVD that was released as One Night In Japan combo CD + DVD is very crappy. What I saw is better."


"the Wembley has deeper blacks compared to Yokohama and details are a bit sharper.
It is DVD, so please take this into account. Songs I saw are WBSS, APOM and HN. 

Hope fans are excited to celebrate this release, this is a first "

- Richard Lecocq

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